The Beauty of a Non-Monogamous Wife

Wife and lover


Chances that you’re married are pretty high, dear reader, whether you’re male or female.

You probably promised sexual fidelity for the rest of your life and expect the same of your spouse. Or at least this is what you expect to happen when you will get married one day in the future.

This is how we were raised.

This is at least how I was raised. The christian standard.

This is why I want to open your eyes for the true beauty of a non-monogamous wife.

What is a non-monogamous wife?

The wife is sexually free, while her husband stays exclusive to her.
Basically it means, that the wife is free to date and have sex with other men, why still being associated with her husband as her main stable partner for life. This isn’t polyamory since he pledged sexual exclusivity to her while her loyalty is more of an emotional kind.

Why would a man ever agree on this?

It makes her incredibly beautiful and hot.
Because a sexually free woman is the hottest and most gorgeous being a man could ever be in presence of. Simple as that. For a real man, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman in her freest form.

How is her sexual freedom to be understood?

The wife is in touch with her truest, strongest self.
Let me clarify something important here. It’s not her actual „cheating“, that makes her sexy. It’s rather about her natural freedom that allows to unfold her truest, most brilliant self. This isn’t possible as long her life is restricted through rules and boundaries somehow.

A woman who feels unrestrainedly free in love and sexuality matters gets in harmonic touch with her deepest subconscious self. Remember: Over millions of years, human females were in charge of sexuality. The natural female instincts know best which partners are suitable and which situations are pleasurable the most. Only then sex takes place. This is what our subpsyche is used to. This is, what it expects. A woman must be unrestrictedly in charge of her sex life in order to feel complete and self-empowered.

That sounds pretty slutty!

It’s about freedom and potential, not carnal cravings.
We’re not talking about husbands being into the kink of cheating wives or cuckolding. In contrast to fetishes, it’s not about the pleasure or fantasies of the husband, although he may get an intense kick out of it. It’s about the female basic right of freedom.

On the contrary, not witnessing or knowing everything about one’s wife’s adventurous deeds often lets her appear even hotter. She’s out of control, wild and untamed. The less a man knows, the more he subconsciously expects the worst and this is valid especially in sexual matters. Here, the unknown gets arousing. A man is wired for competition and anticipating potential rivals pushes testosterone and arousal to the max.

By embracing her sexual non-monogamy, a wife incorporates unrestricted, potential opennes towards others. She will remain at least partly an untamed mystery for her husband, keeping sexual attraction high for decades. In the eyes of her man, she becomes a gorgeous reflection of the spiritual Yin-principle of unconditional receiving and earth-rooted love.

What happens with a monogamous wife?

Sexual attractiveness declines with time.
Not intending to judge the traditional concept of marriage, but knowing about the subconscious mechanisms of male thinking, I’m forced to mention some severe backdrafts of mutual monogamy.

When a wife is sexually exclusive, this gives the man a sense of false superiority and he feels like being „above“ her. He senses, that the woman is acting against her natural instincts and renounces her strong self. This is not a perception he willingly chooses. Those are the 90% of his subconscious patterns forged in millions of years of prehistory dominating his psyche.

Being ensured, that she will stay exclusive to him will decline his sexual interest in her in the long term. There’s nothing to conquer anymore. There’s nothing to reclaim. And he has no reason, to satisfy her really, really good. Instead he gets endangered of using her for his need satisfaction or the marriage eventually turns completely sex-less. Sounds pretty sad to me, for both parties.

Let’s discuss the wife’s sexual autonomy.

She gets the radiation of a goddess and her husband will adore her for it.
Being aware about his wife being the owner of her sexuality makes a man subconsciously always somehow „competing“ for her. He doesn’t take her for granted or fully conquered. Her potentially unrestricted sexual openness gives her the radiation of a goddess archetype, resonating with millions of years of sexual evolution.

This will result in more intense and pleasurable sex and intimacies between wife and husband. Respect towards her, increasing hotness in the eyes of the man and more exchange of affections and intimacies come automatically. The man won’t feel „beneath“ her, instead he regards her being an eye-level-partner.

Where’s the wife’s true fidelity to be found?

She’s emotionally committed to her husband.
It’s not even necessary, that a non-monogamous wife actually cheats. Having sex must always be a woman’s pressure-free decision and for this concept, it doesn’t matter if she goes to bed with hundreds of men or decides to stay abstinent at all.

It’s about the husband being convinced about her possible sexual promiscuity and his lack of control over her. It’s about him being married to an assumed sex-goddess incarnation. The key lies in making him believe in her mysteriosity and divineness.

For the wife, changing some details, teasing her man with hints and erotically veiling some dark secrets will become the new standard. Shorter dresses, hotter underwear and occasional phone calls will leave him in doubt whether his wife is on the way to a date ot just meeting a friend. The delicate interplay between spicy details and masterful silence will create an addictive tension.

Lying, hiding or manipulating on the other hand is an absolute no-go. This is cheating. This is abuse of trust. As the wife pledged loyalty till death, she must take great care of her husband’s emotional well-being and calibrate all of her actions and words carefully. Honesty and transparent communication is not desirable, it is mandatory. The husband mustn’t ever doubt, that she will always return to him. Strong faith in him being her only strong emotional rock is inevitable. Then, and only then, can a man bloom into full power masculinity mode.

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