Jealousy - Master It or Get Destroyed

Jealousy can be a difficult topic to master, especially for men. Not that women wouldn’t experience jealousy themselves or could handle it easier, but we’re talking of a different kind of jealousy.

Female jealousy mostly emerges from subconscious fears of loosing a provider, emotional stability or a soulish connection - things that are essential for every woman since millions of years but are hardly to find in our androcentric modern world and even harder to maintain. Female jealousy simply arises from the instinct of self-preservation.

Masculine jealousy on the other hand lies in the complete other direction. And this is what we want to examine here.

Masculine jealousy is strongly linked to sexuality and control. Simply said, masculine jealousy occures, when a man is in doubt whether he can procreate with a desired woman or not, if he is in concern if her offspring are stemming from his semen or not.

Since sexual procreation stands at the very core of the masculine existence purpose, jealousy can as well regarded as a self-preservation instinct, but not for physical survival as women experience it, but more as protection of ego.

Men who aren’t capable of handling jealousy fear the loss of ego, power and control. Uprising jealousy emotions can’t be accepted and inevitably create a spiritual blockade, leading to violent and destructive behavior. This is what humanity experienced since 10’000 years, since men claimed possession over their women and slaves and wars of imperial dimensions arose.

A way more healthy approach is possible, if one completely accepts and embraces uprising emotions and feels it to the bones. Then jealousy can turn into arousal.

This is basically what men strive for in the more and more emerging cuckolding lifestyle, where a husband scoops his sexual arousal from watching his wife getting impaled by other men. By witnessing a woman getting banged - especially if she means much to him emotionally - the biological masculine competition instincts kick in. Those instincts make a man horny as hell, causing a strong arousing inner stream of energy rising upwards preparing him for joining the battle.

Not a battle that would be fought with sticks and stones as it often gets depicted in the mainstream media. In fact, the masculine body and subconsciousness is programmed to join sexual competitions over the question, whose semen gets deeper into the woman’s womb, stays there for a longer time or gets transported into the ovaries by the female orgasm. This is why the penis glans is shaped for scratching out opponent’s semen, female orgasms are crucial for satisfaction for both, men and women, and why high male testosterone leads to more and harder thrusts during sex. Humans are designed for gangbangs.

Jealousy is nothing more than an expression of the most natural human sex dynamic of getting a woman impregnated as successful as possible. Problems only occure, if those emotions are condemned and can’t be accepted due to moral conditioning. Then and only then, jealousy becomes what we associate with it: a negative, defeated emotion.

The ones of us who learned to transform the fire of jealousy emerging from the guts into acceptance and arousal still get divided into 2 camps. There are pitfalls and downsides observable that I want you to warn about.

Ultimately, jealousy induced arousal will either become a matter of mastery for you or it will destroy you completely. Let that sink in, since there are a lot of men out there nowadays who don’t get the right approach and slowly sink into the swamp of the latter, barely able to get out of it again in their lifetime.

Basically, as a man joining a sexual competition, you will be left either with a consciousness of superiority, satisfaction and strength, or inadequacy, weakness and submissiveness.

Either experience will make you addicted to it and with every time, you will be more likely to cement the pattern.

The male subconsciousness confronted with sexual jealousy will be served 2 options: „loving“ the promiscuitive woman even more, meaning appreciating, desiring and banging her more intense than the opponents. This requires a huge capacity for swallowing the cultural ego-humiliation of being loyal to a free woman and honoring behavior that is labelled by society as „slutty“. He does so by recognizing and deeply valueing the promiscuitive nature of female sexuality since approx. 2 million years.

The second option would be giving in into potential feelings of inadequacy and inferiority compared to former competitors. A lack of sexual confidence, fantasies of opponents being superior or more „worthy“ can damage a man’s sense of self worth. Often, subconscious self perceptions of minor value can cause premature ejaculations, re-inforcing this belief even more due to the manifested inability to satisfy the woman.

Both can be arousing and lust-inducing since they mostly confirm what the sub-psyche already believes.

But while the first option strengthens a man’s (husbands) sense of sexual superiority, self-worth, love and respect towards his wife, the latter increasingly draws the self-picture of a man unworthy of pussy, the respect of society and that he is failing his biological purpose.

We can observe the latter dynamic in countless trending cuckolding porn vids with the husband being in chastity, getting humiliated or completeley denied. This is not healthy, neither for the marriage nor the man himself in the long term.

Subconsciously, spoken in terms of behavior and archetypes emerged during millions of years, this pattern reminds on a male who isn’t able to procreate due to health reasons, who gets hindered by other males on copulating or who hasn’t developed sexual maturity yet, like a child.

It is obvious to me, that a man whose behavior resonates with inferiority patterns will loose attraction in the eyes of a woman. He will loose respect. He will reduce himself more and more to a mere object.

This is not what your wife would want. This is not what she married you for.

If you fountain your arousal out of the potential endangerment of your ego, e.g. if your wife spreads her legs for strangers, she needs you to be able to overcome it. She needs you to be able to swallow and growing stronger on it. To face the hard facts of sexual competition and continue being an upright, willpowered man. Deal with it. Love her for it. She needs a man, whose ego may even grow stronger afterwards. What your wife doesn’t need is a man, who surrenders to a complex of inferiority and worthylessness triggered by jealousy or pornographic standards. What she doesn’t need is a man, who retreats from the battle over her fertility and gives up his ego for the role of the omega easily. Divorce rates are inclining, not least because of slow fading of attraction and respect towards a husband unable to deal with the threat of his sexual ego.

Sexual jealousy, if handled right, can be a mightyful trigger, but you have to steer its direction carefully and consciously. Learn to master it, or it will suck you down into a whole of nothingness.

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