6 Characteristics of Tribe Queendom


Welcome back to Ralph J. Garweyl’s articles about the Tribe Queendom Model.

For those not being familiar yet with the term, Tribe Queendom describes a social lifestyle model with the needs and desires of awakened women in the center.

Today, we look at the 6 central characteristics of the Tribe Queendom model, such as:

• Sisterhood

• Child Prosperity

• Masculine Support

• Creativity Freedom

• Health

• Ecological Prosperity

Alright, let’s start.


Points of focus:

• Social Exchange

• Emotional Connection

• Sex Positivity

Humans are a social species. That’s because our ancestors gathered since millions of years around groups of females, mothers and their children. Improved safety, childcare and emotional embeddedness were the advantages of those matrifocal hordes and science assumes, that spoken words developed around females communicating the needs and prosperity of their children.

The Tribe Queendom model’s first pillar is the establishment of strong sisterhoods, since the feeling of belonging, emotional exchange and social safety is crucial for a woman’s well-being.

Sisterhoods are built upon emotional connection, the awareness of shared femininity between women and conjoined activities and experiences.

They are based upon inevitable values such as respect, tolerance and mutual appreciation. Every human being is an unique entity and this is a good thing, but in a sisterhood first and foremost stands the prosperity of the collective.

I mention sex positivity separately, because feelings of moral pressure, slut-shaming or society’s restrictions deeply undermine modern women’s ability to live out their freest, truest self. Humans are a highly sexual species and this is a wonderful thing. But women striving for growing their inner Queen must feel free and encouraged to get completely rid of society’s sex suppression. Living out unrestraint sexuality is a basic Queen-characteristic. Sex is not limited by hetero-normativity and describes more a full spectrum of intimacies instead of copulating acts and is as such regarded as something positive, valued and sacred.

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Child Prosperity

Points of focus:

• Affection

• Freedom of Exploration

• Education

As for every species, procreation and the prosperity of descendants is the core of what life is about. The more so for women who all carry the inherited potential of giving birth. Although not every woman wants to bear children, a lot will do and the factor of a safe and sustainable environment is crucial for a woman in choosing a location to settle.

At least for regarding the needs of future to-be-moms amongst sisters, a Tribe Queendom highly values the prosperity of children. As it was standard for millions of years and reflected by subconscious patterns, children need tons of affection and attention. In a Queendom, women conjoin the raising and care-taking of offspring together to ensure a maximum of social and emotional embeddedness.

If abundance of love and a sense of belonging is given, the second need of children is the freedom to explore their independent selves. Queendoms strive for infrastructures who enable growing-ups to develop profound body instincts like playgrounds or wild forests. There must be space for kids to run around, climb or retreat amongst themselves. But also to be alone, read, craft, cook, accompanying adults and do literally everything they are curious about.

In striving for regarding long-term needs, a Queendom ensures a solid education to enable their offspring to survive as adults. Unfortunately, hardly anyone might forecast what „good education“ actually is 20 years from now. But since global information society turns away from purely factual knowledge, meta-skills might be way more valuable. Like seeing connections and correlations, thinking in different perspectives or applying holistic social skills. Those are easiest to train with open and curious minds, rooting in the very core of the human soul and cultivated by down-to-earth characters.

Masculine Support

Points of focus:

• Committed Sexuality

• Realizing Power

• Advice

• Security

A Tribe Queendom doesn’t work without men who typically make about 50% of a human population. But contrary to the mainly patriarchal oriented western society, a Tribe Queendom needs their men in a supportive function at the periphery.

To ensure emotional loyalty of men and prevent egocentric escapades, men are required to commit their sexual selves to the Tribe’s women to full extent. Married men must stay exclusive to their partners determinedly and single men must respect free female sexuality. Everyone has his unique needs and desires but in sexual matters, men are not allowed to put themselves into focus. Me-first agendas have no space in a Tribe Queendom since they have the biggest potential for destructivity. Masculinity rather matures by learning to put sexual power into service of the feminine principle.

Masculine power is mostly required for manifesting goals. Men are talented in getting shit done, make their hands dirty and execute plans. A Queendom always has its projects to be realized and men make this possible through boldness, may it be in the bureau of a lawyer, at a construction place or even at child-care.

Another masculine talent is to speak things out clearly. Seeing the facts, recognizing pitfalls and solutions and pointing fingers on the important spots. Experienced men are highly valued to give advice, speak their minds and create strategic action plans. They can give commands and push things through even when the clouds turn harsh and stormy. This is called masculine leadership and persistence.

Men are the physical and emotional strong rocks, which leads us to the third great gift men hold in their pockets for womanhood. Providing security. There is physical security such as being ready to get bloody violent if situations get hostile but neither should we underestimate the emotional stability men are capable of. Especially married men carry the responsibility of taking care of their wives well-being and sense of value. Men who can absorb the ups and downs of women’s and children’s moods are the crucial pillars of every Queendom-society and must be honored highly.

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Creativity Freedom

Points of focus:

• Freedom of Expression

• Growing Opportunities

• Co-Creativity

A Tribe Queendom is the place for a soul’s expression. Creativity and the capability to bring things to life is a strong driving force sourcing of most women’s wombs. This not only goes for children but as well for personal lifestyle, arts and passion-driven hustles. In the Queendom model, to not feel restricted or judged in personal expression is important. Every human being has his unique path to follow.

As humans mature, they abandon burden-like believes and grow beyond their accostumed boundaries. To constantly learn and integrate new wisdom and experiences is highly valued. A Tribe Queendom strives for providing opportunities for personal growth, gaining new perspectives on life or finding spiritual peace.

Co-creativity is as old as humanity is. In fact, it was the capability of precise communication, collaboration and cooperation that made the human race so successful and what distinguished our ancestors from monkey-relatives. We people are meant to put our hearts, heads and guts together to create visions our parents couldn’t even dream of. A Tribe Queendom is a highly creative space not only for personal actualization but even more so for conjoined projects and thriving ideas.


Points of focus:

• Spiritual & Mental Sanity

• Body Positivity

• Natural Nourishment

Spiritual and mental health are the most crucial pillars for a human’s well-being. Uncertainty regarding sense of existence, one’s own life path or dealing with devastating mind-cancers are the future’s problem no. 1. In a Tribe Queendom, there is room for different approaches to life. There are people who favor group dances and rituals, there are people who need to feel pain in a workout, there are people who prefer prayer and solitude. The number of ways are uncountable, but in the core stands the recognition, that we all as humans are incomplete beings following our own path. This requires space and a certain amount of respect towards different beliefs.

Since thousands of years, women have been pressured into adapting to men’s expectations regarding looks and behavior. Most feel insecure about their body or uncomfortable to an extent displaying it in public. Tribe Queendoms don’t care about actual looks or beauty standards but rather encourage women (and men) to feel well and appreciated in their bodies. A Queen’s beauty first shines from inside and breaches its way to the surface with time. Body positivity should be actually a standard value, meaning the absence of unnecessary judgment or expectations. Usually, as soon as people begin to love their bodies, they develop joy in getting movement or doing sports. In reaching the mental shift first, bringing more fitness and health into life comes naturally as we get more connected with our ancestor’s life patterns.

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Rooted in our past is as well healthy nourishment. Our genetic heritage expects our bodies to receive plenty of vegetables and fruits, seeds and occassional meat or fish. Babies actually expect to be breastfed for years and the female hormonal system is provable influenced by nutrition. Conscious diet, organic foods and abandonment of artificial products are not only improving well-being and hormonal balance, it also leaves less impact on the globe’s ecosystem in the long-term. Which leads us to the last pillar.

Ecological Prosperity

Points of focus:

• Diversity & Fertility

• Sustainability

As real Tribe Queens value fertility and prospering life, a green, soul-and-body-nourishing environment is what resonates strongly with their cores. The natural habitat of humans were richly vegetated forests for millions of years and so is our soul expecting us to live. Nature works relaxing and harmonizing on our stressed minds and a Queen never feels more grounded to earth than while standing on fertile soil or sandy beaches bare-footed. A greenly cultivated living space is what reflects the life-consciousness of her interior the most.

In cultivating a sustainable lifestyle, a Tribe Queendom is not only concerned with environmental impacts on global ecosystems, but as well the ability to provide as much healthy food as independently as possible. It’s about valuing and appreciating mother earth’s gifts and providing kids with awareness and knowledge about nature.

Yours :-*