Turn Your Wife Into a HotWife step-by-step manual

You fantasize of a HotWife-marriage? Your wife wants it as well, you just haven’t pushed the right buttons yet

The HotWifeGuide is an intuitive 6-steps system designed to turn any relationship into a HotWife-couple.

You’re scared to reveal your wife-sharing fantasy?

Understandable. For most men, introducing the fantasies of sharing their wives is an extremely difficult step.

   • You may not be sure what this fantasy means to yourself
   • You’re scared of loosing your wife’s respect
   • You might have tried and faced a ton of resistance

Telling your wife that you want to get cuckolded completely goes against society’s expectations and against the picture your wife has from you. Most men introduce the idea of HotWifing in an awkward, insecure & inconvenient way.
That’s why I created the HotWifeGuide for you.

The special traits of the HotWifeGuide

This system is the blueprint for your wife’s transformation from a boring housewife into a predator kitten going on frequent men hunts.

The HotWifeGuide is:

• Made for making any woman to want become a hotwife 

• Designed to be effective within the shortest time possible

• Easy to apply

• Guiding you step-by-step

• Built up on science

• Filled with examples & inspiration

• Containing homework duties

Should you use the HotWifeGuide?

Are you ashamed of your fantasies?

You don’t have to – they are absolutely natural. This is how the male human mind is wired since the paleolithic age, where the sexual satisfaction of women was valued. What is not natural, is not allowing your wife free sexuality – like keeping an imprisoned animal in its cage until it starves. Do you want your wife’s most beautiful self dry out and starve to death without having come to life?

Be aware, that this psychologically tailored system is not for everyone. I will only let you buy it with good conscience if you:

   • Are in a stable relationship
   • Can’t get rid of those fantasies & desires
   • Want to experience your fantasies in real life
   • Are willing to change something in your marriage
   • Want to witness your wife developing more sexual confidence, power & influence
   • Are strong enough to actually witness your wife cheating in real life
Although the psyche of any man gets aroused, when his favourite woman gets banged, not everyone is strong enough to handle it. The HotWifeGuide will prepare you sufficently for it, but it could happen faster than you may think. Are you ready for that?

Just imagine…

 • Imagine after her first time she tells you with glowing eyes „I’d like to do it again”

• Imagine frequently preparing her for dates

• Imagine returning smelling sex sweat and a stranger’s after shave

• Imagine receiving a text or audio message during a date

• Imagine witnessing her during a gang bang

• Imagine how you stay monogamous to her, doing all the stuff around

• Imagine your wife aims for becoming a pickup-cat

… And it all started with a simple decision: „Yes, I’m curious for this journey. Give me my copy of the HotWifeSystem now.“

Do you have what it takes?

Be aware, that the path of transforming your sweet wifey into a sex goddess isn’t easy. Expect stumbling stones and pitfalls. In the decade of research about relationships & sexual dynamics, I’ve heard, read & talked about with countless careless men, who:

   • Lost their wive’s respect
   • Ended up in divorce
   • Got socially ruined
   • Never managed to fully open up to their wives
   • Developed self-confidence issues
   • Can’t differ fantasy from reality
   • Came into conflict with their wive’s lovers

… and the list goes on. Don’t become a fallen soldier like them. No, my goal is for you to stay mentally sane, and to be proudly chained to your steamy-as-hell HotWifey. Stay safe, my friend.

There exist successful, happy HotWife-couples

In fact, there are a lot of thriving couples out there, who live the dream pretty successfully (like me or my wife for example). You just don’t recognize them or never hear them speak about. They usually:

   • Have a much stronger bond
   • Have much, much more fun
   • Have a sex life hot as hell
   • Are more content and balanced-out in life
   • Are more emotionally resilient
   • Their wive’s are like hidden sex goddesses
   • Look like every day couples

How do you get there?

You could also enjoy the HotWife-lifestyle to the fullest. It’s achievable for nearly anyone.

The principle is dummy-proof easy, since it builds up on brain patterns that are already there in the female mind since millions of years. The secret is to „crack“ them in the right order and to avoid the countless pitfalls of our culturally conditioned mind. This is how it goes:

   • First you establish a baseline
   • Then you encourage her improving her sexiness-confidence
   • Then you inspire her and introduce hotwifing
   • Then you craft plans together
   • You make her first time a great experience
   • You craft a lifestyle together

Look at the preview HERE

This basic information is free, but it’s recommended to look at the system as a whole as it includes tons of background information, checklists, tresholds, wife letters and so on.

What Most Men Do Horribly Wrong

Now listen; I can’t let you dive into the HotWifing-world without speaking out serious warnings. Most men completely fuck up when trying to convince their wives to sleep with other men. A lot are:

• Fucking up introducing the topic

• Keeping unrealistic expectations

• Pressuring their wives into something they aren’t ready yet
• Making their wife’s first time awkward (eg. with a “friend”)

• Clueless about how to continue this journey

• Not processing emotions together afterwards

• Getting jealous, not able to handle the emotions

• Loosing their wife to a lover permanently

If you do not know exactly, in which way to approach HotWifing, it’s better to let this idea go completely. If you’re not sure about what you’re doing, you better leave now and continue sticking to porn & shameful masturbation. Seriously, without guidance of an expert you’ll create more harm than good. I promise, the few bucks for the HotWifeGuide will be invested wisely.

Introducing: The HotWifeGuide

Alright my friend, I want your marriage and the transformation of your HotWifey actually to be a full success. Now, I want you to get a glimpse on the system’s content in detail.

The Science & Mechanics

Did you know, that our female ancestors were sexually in charge for at least 5 million years? Yes, 99% of all women in our lineage chose their sex partners freely and changed them very, very frequently. Having tons of wild sex is literally written in women’s genes.

Guess what, those patterns are still active in your wife’s subconsciousness. The challenge lies in digging them out and „free“ your wife from her mental conditioning. “Sex is an emotional thing for women” they say, but in fact, women can even better separate sex from emotions than men.

That’s why the HotWifeGuide targets first the Female Need Pyramid. Only, when the basic emotional needs are satisfied (safety, stability, connection etc.), a woman’s true sex tiger dares to unfold. That’s when a woman can fully enjoy hedonistic sex with strangers and allows herself to go full-slut.

To achieve this, the HotWifeGuide

   • Teaches you to „crack“ different culturally grown needs & beliefs which hinder her sexual self to grow
   • Explains detailedly the deeper needs of women when it comes to sex
   • Shows you how to encourage behavior and habit changes of your wife
   • Hands out tools to inspire your wife’s primal sexual appetite
   • Makes you work on yourself for becoming the stag she needs
   • Guides you in crafting a lifestyle where your relationship can prosper

Course Overview

The course’s structure contains 6 awesome modules, reflecting the 6 stages a HotWife goes through. Look at the preview here:

The Homework contains several sheets of duties, goals, mindsets and things to watch out to actually make you getting results.

The Wife Letter is written by a woman for your wife. It’s purpose is to dismantle female objections, explain your loving intentions and to make her embrace positive changes in your relationship. You hand it out separately without showing the HotWifeGuide.

The HotWifeGuide is unique!

„Can I just use another system instead?“

No, because there doesn’t exist any comparable product currently. I searched for guidance & advice myself, and had I found it, I probably wouldn’t have created this guide.

Keep in mind, that female sexuality is still a controversial and stigmatized matter and hardly anyone is daring enough to speak out truths (The truth is women are sluts inside & men love it). Most „advice“ you find in the internet is written by horny fappers who live our their porn fantasies.

My goal for you is to achieve real-life results. That’s why the HotWifeGuide is based on science and first-person experience and got created in cooperation with a successful pickup-cat.

The development of this system has required hundreds of hours of research, experience, knowledge exchange & observation. And don’t forget the uncountable amount of anthropologic & psychologic background science.

The System’s Value

What is The HotWifeGuide actually worth?

Let’s be fair & take in account:

• The years the author spent studying human sexual nature
• Time used for research & gauging client’s needs
• The effortful exchange with experts
• The uncountable hours of structuring experience & system development
• The creativity in writing & design to craft a handy guide

For most men, this is without question the most rewarding investment of all time and totally worth it.

Would you pay 1499.- if success would be guaranteed? I know I would have back in the days.

But here’s the clue: I want HotWifing to become a mainstream lifestyle. I want as much men in the world as possible to enhance their marriages & afford this system. This ranges from European upper class guys to low earning men in South East Asia. The best compromise I could think of was setting the price couragely low like this:

(Be aware, that when this strategy doesn’t work like expected, I am forced to double or tripple the price. This means only now you can purchase for 297$ the whole HotWifeGuide!)

You don’t want to miss it

My friend, you wouldn’t have read this far when your guts wouldn’t have already decided, that you can’t die without having experienced a HotWife-marriage.

• Unfilfilled desires will haunt you and eventually dwell up to the surface. You know that.
• Suppressing desires & fantasies is damn unhealthy, as psychology states since 100 years
• Hiding this topic will cause harm & distance in your marriage
• Unrealized dreams & heart-fantasies will make you regret when you die
• You will feel like you haven’t given your all and haven’t seen your wife’s full beauty
• You’re safer when accompanied by the HotWifeGuide than by trying something on your own

But of course, it’s your alone decision whether you prefer to retreat in your bedroom fapping daily to dirty imaginations but keep it a secret for the rest of your life.

That’s up to you. But I’m sure, that deep down you know exactly what you crave for.

My offer to you

Listen, my friend.

Right now while reading these lines, the modules 2-6 are still in progress, because the development needs its time and I value quality over quantity. That’s why I offer you an unique opportunity;

Pre-order the system now and get a 40% discount on everything!

Yes, you read right.

I can make this offer because I know that I deliver what I promise and because having satisfied clients is much more important to me than making mountains of money.

Note, that once all modules are published, this discount offer will logically disappear 😉 So I recommend you to click on the „Now give it to me finally!“ button below ASAP. (Spend the saved money on a dinner with your wife or buy her a HotWife anklet)

The second offer for you is exclusive client advice for the first 75 customers. You can leave me a message at any time and you will guaranteedly get advice tailored for your personal case. Guess you understand, that I don’t have time to grant this service to every customer, this would exceed my capacities. 😉 Make sure you belong to the first 75 buyers to get this bonus perk.

HotWifeGuide - Behind The Scenes

Main Crafter

Ralph J. Garweyl

• Social Anthropologist

• Ghostwriter
• Ex-Security Contractor
• Crazy ideas sculptor



Lucy Q'anil

• Pickup-Cat

• Midwife
• Mother of three
• High-tempered Latina

Lucy Q'anil Pickup Cat

The Backstage Story

Over 11 years I carried sharing-fantasies of my back-then-girlfriend around. It wasn’t until my late 20’s, when I discovered the true sexual nature of humans, that I learned that slutty wife fantasies actually arise from the deepest depths of original masculinity. Combining anthropological knowledge, female needs & sexual biology, I began to see HotWifing as THE go-to-lifestyle for the future of couples.

I only had one problem; Besides of lame porn captions & internet advice of 50y olds, I found nothing that told me how to conquer my own & my wife’s mind. So I began to create plans by my own and doing psychological research, because I wanted to achieve real-life results. In wise foresight, I kept all my notes and months ago, I decided to craft this handy manual to help those going through the same struggle. In the future, the concept of relationship & marriage will change massively and I want YOU to be ready for the shift.

We want to reach as much men as possible, to make this lifestyle become more mainstream. To reach out, we made it cheaper in the first month after release. Make sure you secure your profits.

Work with us to make HotWifing more mainstream. Distribute the URL of this site. Send the preview sample to friends. Give us feedback. Contact us for collaboration or if you want to write some blogposts, we need co-workers!

Discretion guaranteed

We highly value discretion when it comes to controversial & misunderstood topics like sex. Your credit card bill will have the description Husband’s Creed – 47 Ways of Boosting Love Life Passion. This is also the title mentioned in the wife letter and all correspondence will refer to that product title. Don’t worry, with us you’re safe.

You’re invited to use PayPal, Credit Card or Crypto to compensate the purchase.


If you shouldn’t be content with the product, within the first 30 days after purchase we will refund the full amount of payment. Just contact us and let us know, what we can improve in an updated version.

Fund the Future

Let me quickly inform you, where your well-invested money will find its purpose:

• Paying bills for electricity, workspace & coffee
• Research for more sex, relationship & hotwifing material
• Development of add-ons (eg. we have a sophisticated hookup-guide for your wife in planning)
• Funding of single mom support projects in Latin America
• Testing & reviewing newest advice books, sex toys & pickup methodology for wives

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Does the thought of your wife cheating on you turn you on? Do you love the fantasy of getting cucked and denied? Do you like the thought of being married to a HotWife? What if she films it? Teases you with it?

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Human Sexuality Is Predetermined For Cuckolding

Female sexual freedom is literally in human genes. The female choice is what our subconsciousness is programmed for. You expect your wife to cheat on you and to be infidel. But maybe she lets you watch? With the HotWifeGuide you will support her having sex with other men.