What's TribeQueen about?

This platform was founded to support women on keeping their emotional, sexual and financial independence. It concentrates on cultivating prosperous relationships and developing a strongly rooted, lovely and internally sexy self as a woman.

What do we find there?

You will find blogposts, book & product reviews, freebie-pdf's and more about men, sex and all the relationship stuff a modern woman needs.  

For whom is it For?

TribeQueen is designed for women of the 21st century in the first place, but as well open-minded men are cordially invited and will benefit enormously. A relationship always involves both of you.

What Does It Base  upon?

We believe, that in order for cultivating prosperous relationships, we must integrate what is deeply hidden in our psyche. For example patterns of our paleolithic ancestors, that make up a huge part of our subconsciousness. We recognized, that the matrifocal principle - the interests of mothers and women in the center - is essential for truly striving and peaceful societies. In a similar fashion, granting emotional needs and sexual autonomy of women a high importance is absolutely natural for us humans - it's the way we lived for millions of years. Modern paleoanthropology has brought tons of hints and indices of our ancestor's life's to daylight. Apparently, their social and sexual dynamics looked much differently than it's depicted by mainstream media, but nevertheless they lived very happy and prosperous lifes. We just believe, that we should re-integrate some stone-age old patterns that are already inside of us into our daily relationships ;-)


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Of course you’re cordially invited to write us an e-mail at tribequeen@mailbox.org for topic suggestions, propose a collaboration or give helpful feedback as we always want to improve our service.