About Lucy

Lucy Q’anil Lucy is an enthusiastic midwife advocating for the independence of women and a general support of motherhood. She blogs on tribequeen.org for women & couples and is writing books about mastering sex, men and relationships.

Life Facts

• Mother of 3
• Married to the samurai of her dreams
• Moved from 1st world Europe to her birtcountry Guatemala

Lucy handled lots of different men in her life - from relationships to several fathers - but never accepted compromises. Growing up under the wings of multiple mothers, she went on the quest for finding her biological father to re-connect with the masculine part in her.

The distortions in her birth family and the experiences as single mom teached her, how to cultivate inner strength and staying true to herself.

Some mentionable characteristics:
• She determines precisely what she needs and what not of a relationship
• Protects and puts the loyalty to her heart before everything else
• Not afraid of diving into the unknown while still opening up her heart for others

Something you will notice about her:
• Her cooking style reflects her Latina temperament
• Can sometimes be damn stubborn and persistent
• Wears yoga pants only to actually do yoga (and sews them even herself)

You can connect with Lucy  at Facebook and follow her on  Instagram to get insights into her private life.